Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog of 2008

This is my entry for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog of 2008.

1. - This is my first choice. The blog is about a sister whose longing for his brother who is now living with their mother in England. This is her tribute to him as a devoted sister. The blog shows a Filipino culture, “a close family ties”.

2. - for a person who looooooooovvveeessss to eat, this is my second choice. Hehehe! It talks about food and the best restaurants to find this food. Tinitingnan ko pa lang yung mga pictures, busog na busog na ako.

3. http://www.blissfullydomestic.comI like this one. The header of the blog is attractive and colorful. The content is helpful on making the family life more easier.

4. http://www.blogniinday.comMy fourth choice. Full of hilarious and nose bleeding conversation with Inday. It also the change the image of our “kasambahay”, na dating mga tatanga-tanga at walang alam. Now, pwede na sila makipagsabayan sa kanilang mga amo. At pwede na nilang talbugan.

5. – Foods again. Most are foods from Davao. Where you can get it and the best place you can eat it. Pag nagpunta ako ng Davao may idea na ako kung ano masarap kainin at kung san ko yun makakain.

6. – This is a very helpful blog for a music lover like me.

7. - It talks about the everyday life of a mother. Parang ang hirap pala maging nanay.

8. Very helpful for a new blogger. It gives idea on how to start your blog.

9. – It’s all about new and hi-tech gadgets. If you like to buy a gadget, it will help you. Because they give the features for a certain gadget.

10. – it will help you for the new fashion trend. And gives you the idea for the best style of dress that you want.

Eto ang aking mga pinaka!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Blog

This is my first blog ever. hehehe! I'm here now at Adoc Training Laboratory of National Computer Center, attending a one week Training Workshop for Women Empowerment entitled WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN THE AGE OF ICT (Information and Communication Technology). This will run from May 19 to 23, 2008. And this Blog is our one week assignment. Whew! So for one week I need to write in this blog. I'm not that person pa naman, na mahilig magsulat. Anyway, ok na ren. At least matututo ako.

Sabi ni Ms. Gwen ilagay daw namin yung mga natutunan namin. Ano-ano nga ba?... sa dami ata hindi ko na maalala. hehehe! Kidding aside, No. 1 na tong blog na to. Yung e-commerce, internet safety, intro to e-shopping and e-transactions. Sa madaling salita marami. Thank you Ms. wen for sharing your knowledge with us.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you for reading. See you on my next blog.